Thursday, April 12, 2012


First of all, i would like to thank for all your supportive words. 
maaf, saya tak reply each of your comments sbb rasa helpless sangat. 
but i want u to know i appreciate and it helps me a lot.hugs uols tight!
To-date, after consolidate and discuss with hubs, boss and family, my operation date will be on 23 May 2012..then mc sebulan (yahooo!)
As of now,saya dah start ok cuma perasan skang nih terlebih2 sensitif plak..sume benda tak kena kt mata saya..sian husband.
harap2 dia maafkan saya saya nak share something positive
last night me+hubs watched a discovery program at AFC channel
Tajuk dia kalau tak silap..

quite interesting
story pasal all these while kita disogokkan dengan mitos yang tak benar
basically dia kate,pakar and doctor nowadays pun not really sure what is the best health food practice 
since now people dah start aware psl kesihatan,so everytime kite nk beli any food kite akan cek the ingredients first
otak kita akan automatically reject if yang content banyak lemak
if ikut logik..yes..betul..fat (lemak)=gemuk
but it is good fat

when we're focusing too much pada fat,we use another alternative which we think healthy
but unfortunately, that is not the fact
the highest contributor kepada kegemukan now adalah sugar/carb yang ada dlm white rice,white bread,pasta,kentang (just name a fews yg dia sebut dlm tuh)
all these type of foods contains xxx halus (sori...i x ingat name dia)
mcm dekat afrika..diorg kaya dengan minyak sawit and diorg process the oil manually
then masakan diorang mmg base minyak sawit
yg jd issue di afrika adalah they are not balance
they have minyak sawit,but zat2 lain diorang takde

it's really good info
yes..i know nasi mmg penyumbang besar kepada keberatan badan saya yg amat nih tp buat donno je..tekak melayu la katakan
but smlm dh agree ngan brown rice (matiklamahal) and brown bread
hopefully AFC will repeat the program (usually mcm tuh la kan..hihii)

ok..c later..

Friday, April 6, 2012

Trauma by HSG

Happy Friday!

I took the whole morning today, thinking of the best sentence should i put here.
Sesungguh nya Allah Maha Besar, ini adalah bahagian utk saya
(reminder:this entry might be too long..)

My HSG procedure did not turn well
We arrived at Klinik Daya early in the morning, around 7.50am..
just to ensure any unexpected circumstances
Park at Metro Parking which charged us RM4.00 per hour.
While waiting the clinic's operations hour, kami jalan2 sekitar bangunan DBKL sambil beli light breakfast
Of course la saya takde selera untuk makan

Around 8.10am, i went to the toilet utk masukkan ubat Voltaren Supp which 1 of the reader told me it is to help reduce our pain.
Fortunately it was an easy process
Then i go to the clinic, to check if i can wait inside the clinic (i refer to sum1's entry on this as well)
Bear in mind, there is no chair provided outside the clinic
Be it in DBKL's receiptionist or at pathway
The only area is at bus stand in front of the building

Nasib baik nurse tuh bagi masuk
At that time, we are the only and 1st patient
In my mind.."owh..takde org.boleh je kot datang lambat td..."(underestimate ok :))

We give the appointment letter and wait
The doctor arrived around 8.40am and my name was called at 8:55am
I changed my skirt and panties with robe provided
Siap salah pakai lg...hihihi

Then baring kat atas katil besi and wait for the doctor
rase nye 20-30 min i kena tunggu dia.
when he came,dia "proses" kan bwh kite tuh
Initially i don't felt any pain..because it feels like during my Pap Smear test
lama2..dah start rasa tak selesa, senak and pain
he took a very long time to ensure the equipment get in my womb (correct me if i'm wrong)
he's not rough doing his job but it's really painful
he keep saying..bukaan sempit,cannot go through
at that time i tried my best to give full cooperation..jgn keraskan badan!

then he started stress.he asked for break and will call me again
changed to my cloth..pakai pad
dekat robe tuh ada kena darah i sikit
i keluar2 tgk ramai gile patient tengah menunggu
when i saw my husband's face,terus rasa nak menangis
my hub ajak borak kt luar..then i cerita sambil nangis2
he advised me, if i can't bear it anymore then we just stop
i didn't agree..i'm already halfway and i won't give as that early

after 15 min, my name was called again
this time lebih lama
i can see doktor hampir putus asa
me also start crying sambil baca doa tak putus2
it feels like i was there for the whole day
seksanya hanya Allah je yang tau
conclusion..he already used 3 methods to do the procedure and finally he has some findings
after the session end,i asked from the nurse to give me 2 days mc because i become traumatized 
it's really painful
although the doctor and nurse give compliment for my patience during the procedure being done

actually, for normal process saya just kena ambil result and refer to Klinik Hamid Arshat
but since i'm a special case, the doctor would like to have consultation with me
he said that he did not satisfied with the earlier result
after had longer thought, he found the answer

my tubes were blocked..both of them!
but since he's not O&G doc,so leave it to Dr. Hamid to advise

we went to Klinik Dr. Hamid after we had lunch at Sogo (sempat lunch je)
sampai klinik during lunch hour and need to wait
when the times come, we're the 1st patient as well
Dr Hamid takde,ade emergency case kat Hospital Pantai
so i proceed with Dr. Aimy je

 Dr Aimy pelik my tubes were blocked because i got pregnant just a year ago
how it did happened..Allah je yang tau
if dia tau,awl2 lg dia dh start suruh buat HSG test

However, she give us 2 options since after scan memang takde fibroid
1) Operation - Laparoskopi, D&C, HSG, implant tube if necessary, cost about RM6-6.5k at klinik hamid.if at Pantai RM9k
2) IVF - RM20k but not guaranteed success

when she explained, i start crying
it was unexpected!
I've never imagine, i'll go through all of this
my husband would like to do another HSG test for 2nd opinion
but doc sympathy to me..i'm suffered!

she asked us to think of it and call back after we make decision

From there, i've already found my ultimate goal
i want to cure my root problem and operation is the best
my husband give the 3rd option which adopting child
but i refused
i want my own babies selagi i boleh
i understand my hub's concern
he doesn't me to suffer or in pain

now, we're finalizing the date
takut memang takut...sangat2
but i've to sacrifice and redha dengan ujian Allah
if this jalan yang saya kena tempuh to get babies, i will
i know there are thousand couples yang facing bigger problem than mine
it's just how we manage it

Ya Allah, give me strength to go through all of these