Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hi there!


After considering about opening new blog again and again, finally i decided to open this blog.it's only for TTC journey purposes.it's not something to proud of but as a human being, i need a platform to share it like other TTC members without recognizing who is the writer.

Everytime i read TTC's blog, the 1st Q in my mind was..dah berapa lama diorang kahwin?it's a natural feeling.like mine..we have been married for almost 1 year and six months.to compare with other people, i know lagi ramai orang yang lebih lama berkahwin like 10 years married but still belum ada rezeki.but i don't want to take risk tunggu lama2.

I'll explain about what happened in this 1 year and half later in the next entry.

Since in my huha blog is being read by my close friend, i want to keep this blog as private.so that i can write secara bebas about my feeling, sharing process i'm gonna through,the pain and almost everything with all TTC members.sifat normal perempuan kan suka share everything.hopefully no one recognize me but if there is any please respect and keep your mouth shut up.

Nice to meet all of youuu!!

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